If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me share my novel with you.


I was born and raised in Eden, NY (South towns of Buffalo). Since a very early age, I've spent countless hours drawing and painting. It has been one of my great passions since before I can remember. 

Attending Indiana Wesleyan University, I studied painting, illustration and printmaking with Professor Rod Crossman and Professor Ron Mazellan. This was an incredibly important time in life for me as I began my journey into discovery of myself as an artist as well as a deep appreciation for music. 

This was a very transitional time in my art and I watched my styles and appreciations morph and change. I was focused on not letting myself be too influenced by other visual art but rather chose music as my biggest influence. The idea of creating something new and having my own voice was and is important to me, as opposed to me doing my best version of my favorite artists.

After bouncing from Brooklyn to non fist pumping Jersey (Ocean City), a stint in Miami, I have now planted roots in Charlotte, NC.  

... or two dimensional music. This art captures two things, the essence of the musician and the visual representation of their music.

... or the dark side of the brain. This art is a journey into the unknown.

my story

latest work

commission work

Fine Artist & Illustrator

Tim Petrinec

This art works towards capturing the emotion and the story behind each individual highlighted. 

Some of the work that I have been blessed to be given the opportunity to create for others.